What you need to consider before commiting to an outdoor wedding!

Jennifer Leigh McKeon

Friday, May 06, 2016

The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the weather is gorgeous!

Tis' the season for outdoor weddings!

I love outdoor weddings, the open air and God's ever changing landscapes make a beautiful backdrop for such a glorious day-a Wedding Day!  However, there are many things one must consider before committing to an outdoor ceremony, especially those of you here in Texas.

Texas is Bipolar.  Well the weather is.  One minute the sky is an expanse of a beautiful blue hue stretching as far as the eye can see.  Then the Bipolar mood swing sets in and in the amount of time it takes the Barista to whip up your Venti froo-froo drink the sky has turned to an ominous expanse of dark billowing clouds, threatening war on your special day and even a possible sighting of Auntie Em whizzing past you. (Wizard of Oz reference for those of you who didn't get that.)

Before you put a deposit down on an outdoor venue, please, Please, PLEASE ask what the backup plan is for inclement weather and make sure it is specifically outlined in your contract!  No plan B offered by your dream venue?  My advice-have a tent rental vendor on speed dial!

Texas is hot.  Really hot.  Please be sure to consider your guests with infants and small children as well as your elderly guests.  Provide fans, water bottles and if possible an area of shade for your guests to linger under.  Do not have your Officiant speak for an hour!  Your guests will suffer and you in all your beautiful wedding gown glory will be silently dying of layer upon layer of hand crafted beauty now drenched in your sweat.

Texas has mosquitoes.  By the millions.  I'm convinced of this. Please for the love of those of us who have the blood that mosquitoes willingly mate in Texas for-provide insect repellant spray for your guests!  Also, a great wedding day tip-have the venue spray the grass with mouthwash the night before.  Instant mosquito repellant!!

During the rehearsal, look under any overhanging awnings, wood work, etc for bee/wasps nests.  This is not the surprise non rsvp'd guest you want to see on your wedding day.  This has happened folks-not fun!

Texas outdoor weddings are beautiful when you remember to take care of your guests!! So enjoy your special day in God's great expanse!